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COPD Treatment needs Mega Oxygen ™

COPD Treatment and oxygen therapy tends to go hand in hand. The most significant treatment for this disease is smoking cessation.  A lung transplant is another alternative in COPD treatment for those with severe lung disease. The lungs are, essentially, chronically obstructed always, making oxygen therapy a necessity for functioning on even the most basic levels. Now, there is also Mega Oxygen ™. Having oxygen therapy for COPD will allow the sufferer a much greater quality of life. The ability to increase day to day activities will occur – once more oxygen is regulated. The anxiety that comes from not being able to take a proper breath will disappear. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygenation is essential for all normal physiological functions.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the umbrella term for lung diseases that obstruct airflow to the lungs. COPD stages generally refers to emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Tobacco smoking or environmental pollution usually causes COPD. Chronic bronchitis is characterized by excessive mucous production and chronic inflammation of the breathing passages. Symptoms are cough with mucous production and difficulty breathing.  The presence of chronic productive cough for at least 3 consecutive months in 2 consecutive years is necessary for the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis – as the disease progresses the cough mechanism weakens and mucous cannot be coughed out as well. Mucous pooling is a breeding ground for bacteria. COPD diagnosis has been identified as one of the top ten most common chronic health care conditions and ranked as the 5th leading cause of death and disability.  A history of asthma as a child, frequent pneumonia and frequent sinus infection are common in those with COPD.

There exist two main methods to determine the oxygen volume within someone’s blood. These are the Oximeter test and the ABG test. An Oxi meter apparatus is a non-invasive, small system which perfectly fits unto an individual’s finger. This apparatus blinks a light on the fingertip. It measures the light quantity absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood. Oxygenated blood will have a bright red colour. The exact absorbed light quantity will show the health care provider the corresponding amount of absorbed oxygen in the body.

ABG (Arterial Blood Gas is affecting as many as 24 million people according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). COPD causes long-term disability.

Bronchodilators are critical to symptom management.  Inhaled bronchodilators, medicines that open the airways, are usually the first medicines used in the treatment of COPD.  Investigators have made no significant medical breakthroughs in the treatment of this disorder, which, unfortunately, is becoming epidemic worldwide. If the lungs aren’t functioning properly our blood oxygen levels can become low causing hypoxemia (cells dying from too little oxygen). COPD diagnosis is treated at least two times a year with antibiotics and steroids. Prescriptions of corticosteroids and/or antibiotics are used and in the treatment of COPD stages. One steroid known as Prednisone is used to keep inflammation down in COPD, and the drug is prescribed on a semi long term basis to help prevent flare-ups that occur in those with COPD, and they also lead to the general worsening of the disease. Experts are finding out that taking high doses of prednisone and other corticosteroids, even for short periods of time, increase the risk of diabetes. Stunning new research shows that men and women who take commonly prescribed COPD treatment run nearly a one-third increased risk of suffering a serious cardiac event.

COPD Treatment goals are to maintain open airways, decrease airway constriction, decrease signs and symptoms, prevent disease progression, prevent flare ups, improve overall health, decrease mortality, preserve function and prevent hospitalizations.

I understand that it is the obstructive flow of oxygen that becomes chronic and is also linked with infections… such as bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. I have seen many patients with these conditions using Mega Oxygen and then not experiencing any breathing problems or chronic infections. My mother was using a nebulizer daily until she started using Mega Oxygen ™. She has packed the equipment away since then, can walk longer distances and do not experience any infections (emphysema).

Mega Oxygen ™ will boost the immune system, so that the chronic infections will be under control. When taken regularly with as much water as possible, more oxygen will enter the blood plasma that will flood this extra oxygen to every cell in the body and give the COPD patient the much-needed relief. I have seen patients feeling more comfortable with this added energy and more oxygen to the body, to enjoy the outside life for extended hours once again – whilst not needing to carry all the equipment with them that is so much part of their daily lives.

Mega Oxygen ™ will also cleanse the colon which is the breeding area for about 80% of all bacteria and with all this out of the way – more oxygen can flood into the body. This systemic blood oxygenator is a must for those that want to experience a better quality of life!


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A Sure Sinus Infection Treatment that Works!

A Rapid Sinus Infection Treatment is needed when you have a wicked sinus infection that does not allow you to work, concentrate or even get on with anything. The pressure is normally all through your face, head, and ears. If you have the feeling that your head was going to explode, you need a rapid sinus infection treatment.

Sinus headaches occur when your sinuses — air filled cavities around your nose, eyes, and cheeks — get inflamed. The inflammation is often due to an infection, caused by a virus (such as a cold), bacteria, or fungus. The average sufferer of this type of sinus headache typically has already been prescribed several rounds of antibiotics and it just seems to be getting worse. While some of these drugs and procedures may be helpful in a handful of cases, in the long term, the sinus symptoms generally do not resolve and, in fact, they typically become worse.  Often, surgery is offered as a treatment.

Symptoms include chronic post nasal drip, headaches, persistent facial pressure, stuffy nose, fever and sometimes eye pressure. Blockages in the sinus openings which cause swelling due to colds, flu, or allergies may lead to acute sinus infection. A viral “cold” that persists for 10 days or more may have become a bacterial sinus infection.  You will also notice increased post-nasal drip and discoloured mucous when you blow your nose. You may also experience bad–smelling breath that is unrelated to dental problems. Fever and a thick, discoloured nasal discharge are signs of acute sinusitis, a short-term sinus infection usually caused by viruses or bacteria. When sinuses swell or become irritated, the sinus infection is called sinusitis. These infections usually follow colds or bouts with allergies.

Millions of cases of chronic sinus infections are reported every year.   The drainage system for the sinuses can get blocked, and mucus can become trapped in the sinuses. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can grow there and lead to sinus infections. Fluid then builds up inside the sinuses causing increased pressure. Also, bacteria can become trapped, multiply and infect the lining. This is sinusitis. There is nothing that makes one yearn for clear sinuses, like sinusitis.

Symptoms may improve gradually over 3 to 10 days. Depending on what caused the sinus infection and how severe it is, it may last for days, weeks, or months. Symptoms include runny nose, discharge, sneezing, or facial swelling. The cause is viral most of the time and Bacterial in less than 5%. The common symptom of this infection is a painful and stinging pressure in the upper parts of the face (near the nose). Usually, the pain in the sinus feels like a toothache. Sinus infections is common for people with HIV. The chance of getting it rises as CD4 cell counts drop which means that the immune system becomes compromised. A person with HIV may have it many times a year.

Sinus infections which are caused by infections from a pathogenic microorganism (virus, bacterium, or fungus), can be treated with Mega Oxygen™ that will flood the bloodstream with more Oxygen. Sinus infections is also an inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Complications of a sinus infection that may develop are meningitis and sometimes even a brain abscess. No virus, bacteria or fungi can live at high oxygen levels. This sinus infection treatment will not only help to remove the cause of the problem but will at the same time be a post nasal drip treatment as well!

Chronic sinus infections and ear problems can also be a result of misalignment of the cervical vertebrates. Inflammation around cervical spine blocks the lymphatic drainage and triggers sinus and ear blockages. Sinus infections can present at any age because the sinuses are present at birth. Sinus infections is often part of a cluster of health problems that includes asthma and bronchitis as well as serious digestive problems, fever and even chronic heartburn. Sinusitis also is a cause of sleep apnoea (temporary cessation of breathing while sleeping), which can indirectly lead to heart attack and stroke. With the knowledge that these conditions can be connected, it helps sinusitis sufferers to protect themselves from seemingly unrelated health problems.

It is affecting persons of all age groups   It is an inflammatory process. Struggling with the condition triples your risk of fatigue. Due to its persistent nature, chronic sinus infections can become a significant cause of morbidity. If left untreated, it can reduce the quality of life and the productivity of the affected person. Sinus infections causes or contributes to many other respiratory conditions. The inflammation and infection associated with sinusitis can spread to the respiratory tract and affect the digestive system as well, causing a broad set of health problems called chronic airway-digestive inflammatory disease.  It is obviously not easy to adjust to the effects of these infections.

Doctors can only prescribe medicine which again cannot perform miracles. With Mega Oxygen™ capsules you will have a sinusitis treatment that will at the same time act as a post nasal treatment. This oxygen therapy will also reduce swelling, thereby, reducing the pain. Mega Oxygen™ capsules will show its efficacy in decreasing inflammation, enhancing circulation and promoting good health. Today, most of our chronic diseases occur from inflammation. If you are looking for a sinusitis treatment, that will give rapid relief, you have nothing to lose with Mega Oxygen™! In fact, you will also have a boost in energy levels.

More than 80% of all chronic disease is preventable, but only if you know how. Learn the proven, yet simple prevention strategies for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s and many other degenerative health conditions.

It is important to be reminded to drink plenty of water to promote drainage.  This thins nasal secretions and keeps mucous membranes moist and helps to prevent congestion. Water helps in strengthening the immune system. Drinking alcohol can also worsen the swelling of the lining of the sinuses and nose. Mega Oxygen™ will relief the pain and clear the inflammation.  It will alleviate congestion, facial pain and pressure, and reduce the need for antibiotics and nasal sprays. Mega Oxygen™ as a sinusitis treatment, will get rid of the problem and at the same time improve the immune system.


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Boost the Immune System Using an Entirely All-Natural Therapy!

Imagine- should you know how to boost the immune system drastically, you’ll never have to be worried about getting sick again – because with a strong immune system, the body can take care of itself as it was designed to do. You are probably thinking, “That could never happen!” How could a natural therapy possibly boost the immune system so much or better still – remove the cause of most illnesses? But, if you can put your disbelief aside for a moment, — you are about to learn about the most amazing health secret any individual could ever possess. Your life — or the life of one’s loved ones — could benefit from this information which will boost the immune system.

Mega Oxygen ™ an All-Natural Therapy

This really is an exceptional, scientifically confirmed and all-natural therapy that creates a change within the person’s body, where disease can’t thrive. This therapy will show you the how to improve the immune system– how it enables the cells to heal the body of many illnesses. The reason for all illnesses is linked in one way or other to oxygen deficiency — and when the body is supplied with abundant amounts of oxygen, all cancer cells, dangerous bacteria, toxins, viruses, pathogens and illness microorganisms are killed – because they cannot survive with high oxygen levels. This natural therapy is referred to as Oxygen Therapy…  Mega Oxygen ™ an oxygen formulation in a capsule form. Oxygen Therapy can’t heal any Illness unless the oxygen has flooded the Cells and Tissues of the body. For oxygen to eradicate disease, it really should be delivered not merely to the lungs or the bloodstream — but towards the cells and tissues of your body. The two-time Nobel Prize-winning doctor, Otto Warburg, shocked the world when he revealed that most diseases are due to insufficient levels of oxygen inside the body. Doctor Warburg showed that when you deprive a cell 35% on the expected amount of oxygen for 48 hours, then that cell will probably turn into a cancerous cell.


Never ever before, have we heard about cancer that is so widespread in our society. This can only be happening since a lot of people are struggling with oxygen deprivation. This causes folks to ask – how do we boost the immune system? What most of the individuals don’t know, is that a lack of oxygen isn’t only the underlying cause of cancer but may also be the result of most illnesses – from AIDS to all infections – an immune system that is compromised…. There’s reasoning that it is the toxins inside our food or the air we breathe as well as the substances we get in. When stresses begin illness, it only indicates that there’s a condition inside the body which is oxygen deficient and that causes the illness. The human body has the potential to heal itself – But ONLY when it’s supplied with what it demands – sufficient Oxygen. The body will do what it was designed to do– that’s to sustain your wellbeing and keep illness away.


You can avoid getting the flu ever once again! Bacteria, viruses (which consists of influenza) and fungi, are destroyed when it gets in touch with this all-natural substance, Mega Oxygen –  and you can avoid the undesirable side effects of any antibiotics.

Mega Oxygen ™ is the All-natural formulation derived from medicinal plants along with other all-natural substances to assist the body to heal itself. You will experience within days how to strengthen or improve the immune system for ultimate health.

You can now also improve your pets’ well being too – Every single situation responds effectively to this Incredible Formulation. For those who have heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true – it most probably is.” But putting all scepticism aside, when I saw the undeniable evidence of countless persons that has been helped with this formulation, I had no other choice but to create this website to bring you this information. These days, many practitioners, researchers and medical physicians, who know about the concept of Oxygen Therapy, have yet to find a disease, which will not respond positively to Oxygen Therapy. And very best of all, when administered according to protocol, you will have no risks. This all-natural oxygenating and healing substance that properly delivers the oxygen atoms from the bloodstream towards the cells and tissues will let the body perform the healing itself.

The very good news is the fact that you, as well as your loved ones, no longer need to be a victim of disease. You no longer should fear what illness will do to your family and let you suffer.

And an additional unexpected advantage is the fact that it’s going to show you the best way to boost the immune system so considerably that you simply will feel wholesome, as well as having the energy to work 12 hours per day – and still have energy to spare!

You no longer need to be concerned that your unhealthy lifestyle you’ve had in the past will come back to haunt you – in the way of some ugly disease. What’s even better, there is no longer any reason to become concerned about some disease that you will inherit, or a disease that runs in your loved one’s bloodline (like cancer, for example).

Now that you finally realize that illness is nothing at all but a condition that happens when the body is oxygen deficient in the cellular level, (along with an excellent habitat for disease microorganisms, viruses and other) — you do not have to fear it anymore!

Even whenever you receive the diagnosis that you have an incurable — or perhaps a fatal illness, you could rest with the knowledge that the illness is only your body’s method of telling you, that your cells are oxygen deficient. And oxygen deficiency is a temporary predicament – which will be corrected -if you understand how to boost the immune system and do what is most needed for the immune system – making use of Mega Oxygen ™!


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