Affiliate Terms & Conditions

This agreement includes the complete terms & conditions that are applicable when becoming an affiliate of Oxygen Products (PTY) LTD. The purpose of this agreement is to clarify how you may/may not go about marketing our products online & how payment works.

Affiliate application process:

The affiliate process begins when you submit your online application which will then be reviewed by the company for approval. We reserve the right to reject your application should there be any inconsistencies or discrepancies. You will receive an email notification if your application has been accepted. You will then sign up with us and generate a password and username which will allow you exclusive access to the affiliate area where you will be able to the necessary tracking information to ensure the success of your campaigns, sales history and commissions earned.

Affiliate Obligations:

It is your responsibility to keep your website up to date, however, we reserve the right to monitor your site and make suggestions that may enhance your sites performance – if any. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you comply with all relevant copyright laws and intellectual property rights on your website. You agree to indemnify Oxygen Products (PTY) LTD, its owners, agents and representatives against any claims that may arise from the breach of copyright or intellectual property rights that may occur against your site. You are free to promote your own website but be aware that any mention of Oxygen products (PTY) LTD will be perceived as a joint venture which is against this agreement.

Affiliate Restrictions (these forms of advertising are strictly forbidden):

Be sure not to spam – this is the sending of the same message repeatedly to large numbers of users. This includes the use of unsolicited emails, posting to news groups who are non-commercial in nature, cross posting to multiple newsgroups as well as instant messaging, web search engine, social media, blogs and forums.

The concealing of your identity in any way including your domain name and return address is not permitted.

Any use of the names ‘’ or ‘oxygen products’ in your domain name as this will make it appear to be our official website.

These conditions must be met. If not, it will lead to the termination on your affiliation with Oxygen Products (PTY) LTD:

Your website promotes sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination, illegal activities and/or uses any materials that infringes any trademark or other intellectual property rights. You may not include ‘’ or misspellings in the domain name but variations of ‘oxygen’, ‘products’ may be used. Under no circumstances may you create or design a website that operates in such a manner to resemble our website design which leads customers to believe that you are Oxygen Products (PTY) Ltd or any other affiliated business.

Things you will have access to as an affiliate:

You will be provided with your own affiliate account management area where you will have access to tools to optimize your success as an affiliate. These tools include training (video footage, telephonically or in person at our offices if you are in Cape Town), digital images, text links and tracking codes for special offers if needed. If you need any other information you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]. Oxygen Products (PTY) LTD makes use of cookies to track users who access our website through your valid site or advertising link. This is essential as they contain your affiliate identification. The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days following the date of the users first visit and will thereafter expire. Should a valid sale be made before the expiration date of the cookie then the sale will be credited to the affiliate link provider whose identification is recorded in the cookie associated with the user.

Oxygen Products (PTY) Ltd rights & obligations:

We reserve the right to review the placement of your links at any time and furthermore reserve the right to recommend changes so that the use or placement of the links meet our guidelines. Should you not comply with necessary changes, you contract will be terminated. Any fraudulent or abuse of our affiliate program will result in termination and our company will not be held liable to you for any commissions for such fraudulent sales. This agreement becomes enforceable immediately upon acceptance of your application until it is terminated by either party. Oxygen products (PTY) LTD is solely responsible for processing, fulfilling and payment processing of all sales orders received. This agreement does not create any partnership or joint venture and is governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.


This agreement can be terminated at any time by either party, with or without cause. Notice of termination will be given via email. Oxygen Products (LTD) PTY reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately and without notice, should we feel that the terms of this agreement have been breached in any way.


We reserve the right to amend this agreement at our sole discretion. These changes may include but are not limited to changes in the payment policy or affiliate program rules. Notification of any and all changes will be communicated to you through email. Your continued participation in our affiliate program will be deemed as you have read and accepted the amendments. Should you not agree to the modifications or changes, your only recourse will be to terminate your participation from the affiliate program.



Payment and Commission:

All commissions earned are exclusively on a pay per sale basis whereby all sales are valid and must be through a valid referral link from your website to our website. A valid sale is where the goods are purchased and payment via approved means is made. Commission will not be earned for purchases made by yourself, family members or anyone within your organization. All sales commissions are only considered for new customers who haven’t purchased on our website before purchasing from you. Hence, no pay out will be made for existing clients referred through your link. All payments will be made in South African Rand (ZAR) only as goods are sold within the borders of the Republic of South Africa. Any commission earned excludes any taxes that may be levied and shipping charges. Therefore, it is your responsibility to attend to all the taxes associated with our payments. If a discounted product is sold, then the commission due will be calculated on the discounted price. All commission payments are made on the last day of the following month e.g. sales made in January will be payable at the end of February. If a product is returned, in accordance with our return and refund policy, after the thirty-day period (that is after the current payment cycle) then the commission on the returned item will be deducted from your next commission statement. A minimum commission threshold of R500.00 must be earned by the affiliate before payment will be made. If your sales of the previous month are below this threshold the payment will be kept pending until it is reached. Thereafter, subject to your account being active and operating within the agreement, you will notify us with a payment request. All commission payments be made exclusively via Electronic funds transfer. Please ensure that we have these details on record. The onus is on you to ensure that your payment details are correct and up to date as any incorrect payments made cannot be rectified and you will then lose the commission you have earned. If for any reason your account is terminated or closed, the final pay out of any commissions due will be after a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date of termination. A base of 10% is valid on a sale of our products up to the value of R2500. Commission rates are tiered based on performance. Affiliates will earn the following commission rates based on the specified monthly threshold below whereby the tiers are reset on the first day of each month:

Tier 1: 10% commission for monthly sales with a value of under R8360

Tier 2: 15% commission for monthly sales with a value of over R8,360

Tier 3: 17.5% commission for monthly sales with a value of over R25,080

Tier 4: 19% commission for monthly sales with a value of over R39,600

This agreement represents the terms and conditions as well as responsibilities for all affiliates with Oxygen Products (PTY) LTD.