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What is Tik / Crystal Methamphetmine?

What is Tik?

Most of us are well aware of the dangers of “Tik” (known as Crystal methamphetamine outside of South Africa), both from its reputation for devastating the lives of South Africans in poorer communities, and its status as a home-made narcotic found at the centre of secret suburban black-markets across the globe. Tik is a highly addictive amphetamine that, in its unaltered form, consists of clear, chunky crystals. It can be smoked, injected, crushed & snorted or ingested in pill form. While injecting crystal meth is the fastest way to get a high, South African Tik users seem to lean towards smoking and/or snorting the crushed crystals.

Where did Tik come from?

As a man-made drug, the history of methamphetamine use is relatively short. Crystal Meth as we know it was first synthesized as recently as 1919 in Japan by Akira Ogata. Like other dangerous drugs at the time (such as heroin), information about its dangerous side effects and addictiveness weren’t as widely known, and methamphetamine was marketed as an over-the-counter medication claiming to treat sinus problems and obesity. Meth was known to boost aggression and alertness, and was widely used by Nazi forces in World War 2 as a result.

Thankfully, since the late 60’s knowledge about the harmful long-term effects of methamphetamines have led government and health organisations around the world to restrict and outlaw selling methamphetamine products for recreational use.

Less thankfully, demand for the addictive drug, especially in the crystal or powdered form we call Tik, has led to this often deadly substance becoming a staple of illegal drug dealing. Its man-made nature and the relative cheapness of the chemicals needed to produce Tik have tempted many people to “cook” and distribute Tik, making it easier for most people to get access to the drug (and be harmed by it) than other harmful drugs that rely on plant extracts (like heroin and cocaine). Crystal methamphetamine in all its forms wreaks havoc across a worryingly large swathe of humanity, getting rich and poor people alike addicted to this synapse-shattering substance.

What does Tik do to the Body?

Tik and other forms of Methamphetamines are infamous for their intense but fleeting high. Taking Tik into the body, be it by smoking it, injecting it or ingesting pills derived from it, causes powerful feelings of euphoria and excitement, which fades relatively quickly, leaving a hollow feeling that, after repeated TIk abuse, can only be relieved by doing more Tik. Like many recreational drugs, Tik produces a high by temporarily interfering with the function of the cells that produce dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin (substances released by our neurons, the cells forming our brains, nerves and the rest of our nervous system), causing an overload of those substances in our systems and damaging those systems’ ability to function properly without the drug.

Similar drugs like Cocaine block the paths your neurons use to take dopamine back into the cell when it has served its purpose, damaging them over time to the point that they require the drug just to function normally, but not so much that they can’t eventually recover after the user kicks their drug habit. Methamphetamines, however, achieve the same results in an even worse way: They force your neurons to release dopamine, serotonin and so on by getting inside the communication points of the neurons (called the synapses), and bursting them open! As you can imagine, this has an intense effect, but permanently damages the Tik user’s cells, causing irreversible damage to nerves, cells and tissue in addition to creating a deadly dependence on Tik to feel ‘normal’ again for a little while. To put it simply: think of your nervous system as a sponge, and dopamine etc. as the moisture contained within. When you’re healthy and drug-free, it’s like a sponge that is gentle squeezed to release moisture when it’s needed, and released to absorb the moisture back into itself when the need is over. Whereas taking Drugs like cocaine is like wringing out the sponge and clogging its pores with gunk to stop it from soaking the moisture back up (or release more), taking Tik is like tearing the sponge apart. Both drugs are harmful, but with Tik, the harm may be irreversible.

Short Term Effects

Even before the addiction or nerve and tissue damage sets in, Tik can be dangerous. Many unpleasant and harmful (to others as much as oneself) side effects accompany the short high causes. Anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, violent, bizarre or aggressive behaviour, increased blood pressure, twitching, convulsions, seizures and delusions are all to be expected after a significant dose of Tik.

Long-term effects

Knowing what we do about the way Tik damages the body, the horrifying long-term side effects of chronic Tik use should come as no surprise. Over and above the social, emotional and financial damage of a physical addiction, the long-term results of Tik damaging cells and tissues include skin sores, acne, decay and erosion of teeth and gums, kidney damage and stroke. The cells of the brain aren’t spared either, and frequent Tik users can expect to experience psychosis, symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia such as chronic delusions and hallucinations, and aggression and violent tendencies. People who choose to inject Methamphetamines also put themselves at considerable risk of contracting blood-borne conditions like HIV.


While quitting Tik altogether should be the highest priority of any Tik user, recovering addicts should prepare themselves for withdrawal symptoms of extreme fatigue, anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep and irritability. A major part of rehabilitation from Tik addiction is to make sure one has no access to the drug when these symptoms and the urge to Use inevitably rear their ugly heads. Another major part of recovering Tik addiction use is living as healthily as possible so that your body’s natural recovery mechanisms can get to work repairing the damage Tik causes. For that, you need a strong immune system and a blood-oxygen content suited to nourish your cells as much as possible.

Recovery with Super Oxygen Therapy

You’re probably aware of the importance of a balanced diet and exercise regimen in getting your body into the best shape to heal itself of the damage TIk may have done to it, but did you know that your feeling of health and wellbeing can be vastly improved by taking Super Oxygen capsules on a regular basis? Super Oxygen is a unique, all-natural health supplement that combines the healing might of a special blend of South African herbs, together with the Oxygen-infusing rocket-power of Magnesium Peroxide. When combined with water on an empty stomach, Super Oxygen capsules release vast quantities of oxygen into the system. With your body’s oxygen levels blowing straight back to normal and beyond, your body can overcome the ravages of Tik abuse and go right back to nourishing your cells, resurrecting them and helping your system get back to the ideal state for it to survive, thrive and grow. With your immune system bolstered, and your blood sugar levels regulated by the herbal content of Super Oxygen Therapy, you or your loved ones can ease withdrawal symptoms, heal tissue and boost defences against opportunistic diseases, making their recovery from Tik addiction and return to good health a far easier one.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, be it Tik or any other harmful drug, be sure to visit www.12steptreatmentcentres.com to learn about rehab options for kicking the habit, and also be sure to visit our store to learn more about Oxygen Products, and make your recovery process an easy one with the power of Super Oxygen Therapy!

Vitamins: Building Blocks of Good Health

Am I getting enough Vitamins? With Super Vitamins + Oxygen, you will be!

Everyone knows the importance of good eating. After all, our stomachs are the first to remind us when we aren’t eating enough good food to keep our bodies fuelled and functioning. What our stomachs won’t tell us is that the vitamins we need to keep healthy and free of diseases are no less vital than the filling carbs and proteins our stomachs demand. Getting all the vitamins we need in a balanced diet of three-square-meals a day should be easy, but in a work environment as hectic as the modern economic rat-race, and with so much of our food processed and packaged too much to retain its natural nutritional value, it’s no wonder that so many of us struggle to get our recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins. Not quite managing to get our RDA might not have many immediate nasty consequences beyond chronic tiredness and a general lack of energy.

You need look no further than the horrific illnesses suffered by historical sailors on long voyages to see the dangers of lacking enough Vitamins (and vitamin C in particular) in our diets. Before we understood the importance of vitamins, and before we invented refrigerators to store enough nutritious food on ships over long voyages, sailors were forced to live off of nothing but rations of dried meat, fish and bread. These foods are certainly not bad when included in a balanced diet, but without fresh fruits and vegetables and the vital vitamins they bring to a meal, the sailors inevitably began to suffer and die from Scurvy, a deadly condition experienced by people who are deprived of enough Vitamins in their food. Scurvy and tiredness aside, without vitamins to nourish our cells, all the functions our body needs to protect itself from illness suffer as a result. Our Immune system, for example, needs a hefty amount of Vitamin C, among other nutrients, to protect from bacteria and disease at full capacity, and for anyone who hates being laid-low by colds and flu (i.e. just about everyone), Vitamins are a must.

We know that getting our RDA of Vitamins is vital, and that a full and balanced diet is a tried-and-true way of doing so, but having a balanced, nutritious diet these days is easier said than done. We might have more access to fresh fruit and veg than the sailors of yesteryear, but between the harmful pesticides, hormone treatments and chemical preservatives that big businesses pump into our foods to maximise production and profits, it can be expensive (and confusing) to find and fill our meals with the kind of food that has enough of the Vitamins that we need, and not too much of the chemicals that we don’t want. Dealing with these dietary concerns alongside all the economic troubles of recent years is more stress than anyone needs, but thankfully you need not stress anymore, because the answer to all your Vitamin requirements lies in the simple and affordable Nutritional Might of Super Vitamins + Oxygen!

You may have already heard about the power of Super Oxygen Therapy to help your immune system to fight illnesses like emphysema, kidney failure and Tuberculosis1, but now you can experience all the benefits of Super Oxygen along with a robust multivitamin that knocks the stress and uncertainty out of managing the vitamins in your diet. Rich in Vitamins from A to E (and especially C), as well as calcium, potassium, iron, protein and more: Super Vitamins + Oxygen can easily be your one-and-only multivitamin supplement. The goodness packed into every Super Vitamins + Oxygen doesn’t end at its vitamin-content and rocket-powered oxygenation, though! Super Vitamins + Oxygen capsules also includes a rejuvenating blend of Natural Herbal remedies to increase your sense of wellbeing and improve your quality of life.

You might have already heard the name “Ginkgo Biloba” before, and perhaps you’ve heard of its mind-sharpening effects and its use in treating mental maladies like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Those interested in defending their mind against the mental wear-and-tear of old age will be relieved to know that Ginkgo Biloba is a key ingredient of Super Vitamins + Oxygen.2

Those taking Super Vitamins + Oxygen on a regular basis will also reap the benefits of MSM, which has been reported to ease symptoms of chronic pain and lymphatic conditions. Each capsule also gives you a nutritious dose of Moringa Oleifa, a well-known Asian remedy for malnutrition that pushes your body’s natural health further towards its ideal state.

To learn more about Super Vitamins + Oxygen, and more remarkable products besides, why not read some more of our helpful articles, or even better, experience the all the benefits of Oxygen products for yourself by ordering from our store.

There’s no need to sacrifice the benefits of a balanced, vitamin-filled diet in the face of the many obstacles keeping you from eating one. Super Vitamins + Oxygen may well be all you need to live a healthier, fuller life, so why not get started on it today?


Kidney Disease and Renal Failure: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Kidney Disease or Renal Failure?

While perhaps not the most famous of our internal organs, having healthy kidneys is nonetheless every bit as vital to our continued good health as most any other organ you could name. Kidneys perform the vital job of filtering toxins and waste products out of your blood, and having their normal function interrupted by Kidney Disease and Renal failure leaves one at the mercy of these toxins, which can lead to sickness and eventually death if left untreated.

The prospect of Kidney disease can be scary, to be sure, and for the uninformed, the onset may seem very sudden. Luckily, with the right know-how, you can catch the early signs of kidney malfunction and start treatment before the kidneys shut down and unregulated toxins do too much damage.


A major reason that kidney can stop functioning is damage to the Nephrons, which are tiny filters (numbering in the millions) within the kidneys. As you would expect, nephrons stop working when damaged, but because healthy nephrons often take up the slack when this happens, the cause of the damage can continue to damage nephrons until there aren’t enough left to filter your blood, and you only experience the first symptoms quite late in the disease, making treatment more difficult.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of kidney failure, it’s vital that you seek medical treatment immediately, so recognising the following symptoms quickly and easily is an important skill to have:

  • Urinating less frequently and in smaller amounts than normal.
  • Experiencing unusual Swelling and subsequent weight gain as a result of fluid build-up in your tissues. This swelling is called “Edema”.
  • Feeling very tired and drowsy even when one is getting enough sleep (6-9 hours every night.
  • An unusual lack of hunger and difficulty adhering to one’s usual eating schedule.
  • Nausea, queasiness and other forms of chronic stomach discomfort that can’t be attributed to other causes.
  • Insomnia – Difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep according to a normal sleep-schedule.
  • Headaches, migraines and your thoughts feeling ‘foggy’, even without using other medications/drugs that have that effect.
  • Anemia


While damage to one’s kidney can be slowed and stopped by the right lifestyle changes and other preventative measures; past a certain point, kidney damage becomes irreversible and progresses to the point of total Renal Failure. At this advanced stage, illness and possibly even death become much more common, and urgent treatment becomes necessary.

If one is in the early stages of kidney disease, one’s doctor can prescribe a variety of medications to slow or counteract the damage and harmful effects. They can also assess whether other medications a patient may be taking are made dangerous by the lack of a fully functional kidney to safely filter their toxins.

Someone suffering from severe Renal Failure generally has two options available to them: start undergoing dialysis or get a kidney transplant to replace the damaged kidney with a healthy one. Both of these treatments have inherent risks and benefits.

Dialysis is a medical process that manually filters your blood, performing the function your kidneys would do automatically if they were. This process is only a cure for the symptoms of renal failure, and do not fix the damaged kidneys. Undergoing dialysis regularly will certainly make those whose kidneys have failed feel better and live longer, but the cost and inconvenience of committing to regular dialysis sessions is far from ideal for most people.
A kidney transplant can be a permanent solution to your kidney problem, returning your body to a state where it can filter toxins by itself, and only requiring you to take prescription medication to ensure your body continues to accept the organ. A transplant comes with its own set of drawbacks, however. Aside from the extremely high cost of the procedure and the need to wait for a viable kidney from a donor with a tissue and blood type matching your own, there are the usual significant risks associated with undergoing anaesthesia and surgery. The procedure and one’s subsequent life with their new kidney are also subject to complications by other medical conditions, and patients in their autumn years are at particular risk, especially if the underlying cause of the initial kidney’s failure remains unchecked. Speaking of underlying causes:

Causes and Prevention

As you would expect, direct physical damage to one’s torso and/or abdomen is a sure-fire cause of damage to one’s kidneys and other internal organs. If one receives a heavy blow to the stomach, especially the area directly below the ribcage, getting a physical check-up is a prudent way of catching acute kidney damage and preventing renal failure in the future.

Aside from direct physical harm, our kidneys are vulnerable to damage from many other seemingly unrelated maladies, which can eventually lead to kidney disease if left unchecked. Conditions to watch out for include:

  • Having high blood pressure over many years without treatment.
  • High levels of blood sugar over long periods. Since many diabetics face this issue, sufferers of Type 1 or 2 diabetes should be sure to consult their doctor about their risk of kidney disease.
  • Diseases and infections that specifically target the kidneys. These include polycystic kidney disease, pyelonephritis, and glomerulonephritis.
  • Birth defects in the kidneys may also lead to a greater susceptibility to disease and renal failure.
  • Narrowing and/or blockage of the renal artery, which carries blood, oxygen and other nutrients to the cells in the kidney.
  • Long-term use of medication which are known to damage the kidneys. Examples include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as celecoxiband ibuprofen.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure, especially when life-threatening renal failure is concerned, and the key component of preventing prolonged disease in and damage to the kidneys is catching any abnormalities early.

A reliable and relatively simple method for assessing your kidneys’ health is to test their “Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)”. Using simple blood and urine tests that if you have unusually high levels of Urea and Creatinine in your blood, your doctor can determine your GFR, and from that, see if you are suffering from kidney damage and/or disease. Having blood and urine tests included in your regular medical check-up is probably the best method of catching kidney diseases (among countless others) early and in a state where they can be easily treated.

A more involved but non-invasive step in diagnosing kidney disease is an ultrasound or CT scan that allows your doctor(s) to get a picture of your kidneys, from which they can determine if their size and/or blood-flow is abnormal, which would impede their functioning and lead to damage and eventual renal failure.

Of course, catching kidney disease as soon as you have it is still far less appealing than simply never getting the disease in the first place. Luckily, since chronic kidney disease is usually caused by the presence of other chronic diseases (such as the aforementioned high-blood-pressure and diabetes), one can be reasonably assured that taking on the lifestyle changes that lead to those diseases will also protect against kidney disease and renal failure.

A Healthier Lifestyle, and the Healing Power of Super Oxygen Therapy

Lifestyle changes are the most important part of preventing kidney disease or treating its early stages. Improving your general wellbeing with exercise, a balanced diet and by increasing the oxygen levels in your system all help slow down kidney disease and reduce your symptoms. As a bonus, these lifestyle changes will help curb one’s risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, and other chronic diseases that are associated with kidney disease.

Here are a few more examples of helpful lifestyle changes that improve your general wellbeing and help defend against kidney disease.

Follow a diet that is easy on your kidneys. Having an eating plan with enough sodium (such as in salt) and proteins is important. Ensuring you drink enough water (about two litres) each day is also important.
Do not smoke or use tobacco.
Cut down or abstain completely from drinking alcohol. There’s a reason
Always talk to your doctor before you take any new medicine, including over-the-counter remedies, prescription drugs, vitamins, or herbs. Some of these can hurt your kidneys.

Finally, your feeling of health and well-being can be vastly improved by taking Super Oxygen on a regular basis.

Super Oxygen is a unique, all-natural health supplement that combines the healing might of a special blend of South African herbs, together with the Oxygen-infusing rocket-power of Magnesium Peroxide. When combined with water on an empty stomach, Super Oxygen capsules release vast quantities of oxygen into the system. With your body’s oxygen levels blowing straight back to normal and beyond, your body can go right back to fighting diseases and supplying every one of your billions of cells with the oxygen they need to survive, thrive, and grow. With your immune system bolstered, and your blood sugar levels regulated by the herbal content of Super Oxygen Therapy, your kidneys will be able to fight off infections and diseases, and you will have a stronger natural resistance to diabetes and by extension, kidney disease.

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Erectile Dysfunction – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Treatments and Preventative Measures

Having an unusual amount of trouble attaining and/or maintaining an erection is a common problem among people with penises as they near and pass middle-age. Experiencing erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing and potentially emasculating experience for those who feel their readiness to perform sexually at any time is linked to their personal pride. While Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the most widespread sexual disorders, and those who feel that their sexual virility is entirely reliant on their penises may have a narrower perception of their sexuality than is healthy, anyone who experiences Erectile Dysfunction is justified in feeling concerned and frustration that they don’t have as much control over their body and sexuality as they’d like, but unless it occurs frequently (i.e. over 50% of the time), one should not stress themselves out too much about it. If you’re think you may be experiencing chronic ED, read on to find out how to tell for sure, and what you can do about it.


Psychological factors are very often (about 10%-20% of all cases) responsible for both temporary and chronic erectile dysfunction, and can result in ED even in younger sufferers. While for some people who experience Erectile Dysfunction throughout their lives, the issue may stem from childhood abuse or sexual trauma, the most common psychological causes of ED are temporary and are resolved with relative ease.

Some of these temporary hindrances to attaining/maintaining and erection include:

  • Stress: Whether it be job-related, money-related, or due to strain in the relationship between partners, stress and mental preoccupation is probably the most common cause of an inability to attain an erection.
  • Anxiety: Feeling as if one has ‘failed; to attain an erection in one instance can lead to a kind of ‘performance anxiety” that can result in the concern about failure to get an erection to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Guilt: Similar to Anxiety; the guilt of feeling one is not adequately satisfying one’s partner can exacerbate the psychological barriers to erection.
  • Depression: Sufferers of Clinical depression may also experience erectile dysfunction and a lowered sex-drive. Receiving or altering one’s prescription may solve the issue.

What Symptoms indicate that Erectile Dysfunction is more serious?

While single, isolated instances of Erectile Dysfunction aren’t a cause for undue concern, if incidents become gradually more frequent over time, there may be an underlying cause that requires treatment.

If erectile dysfunction is causing you constant anxiety and/or is threatening a sexual relationship you value, talking to a doctor can be valuable to clear up misinformation and perhaps get a preliminary diagnosis on an underlying condition responsible for your current ED problems. One physical symptom to look out for is narrowing of the penile artery, which may be an indicator of coronary artery disease or diabetes.

Prevention and Treatment

In almost all cases of persistent Erectile Dysfunction the best treatment for erectile dysfunction is simply to cut down on and eliminate the harmful habits that often result in ED. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is one of the best decisions anyone can make in any case, but knowing that improving your health and wellbeing will also result in more control over your sexual capabilities can be a powerful motivator in getting oneself motivated to change their lifestyle for the better. Cutting down on and quitting smoking and excessive drinking, as well as setting oneself a regular exercise regimen are all excellent ways to improve health, reduce stress, and almost certainly ease one’s ED problems. Naturally if one has an underlying condition as diagnosed by a medical professional, following their guidelines and prescribed treatment is one the best things you can do.

Of course, adopting a healthier lifestyle to end your erectile dysfunction problems is far more easily said than done, or at least it has been, until now.

Ending Erectile Dysfunction with Super Oxygen!

The Oxygen-infusing might of Super Oxygen is guaranteed to give your Health and Well-being the natural boost it needs to soothe the stress, anxiety or blood-pressure problems that may be responsible for cases of ED. Super Oxygen has also been known to help diabetics with blood-flow and blood-sugar abnormalities that interfere with one’s ability to attain an erection when it’s wanted. Super Oxygen capsules will strengthen every cell in your body, empowering your immune system and ensuring everything works as intended, when you intend it!

How to Lose Weight Fast and Detox

Do Detox Diets Really Work for Managing Weight?

Detox diets have been popular for a long time, and you may be considering trying one in order to put your body in a healthier state and perhaps reach a weight you’d be more comfortable with. As with all significant lifestyle choices, however, it’s always wise to look into the possible benefits and health implications of a choice before jumping into it, and it never hurts to consider the possible alternatives available to you.

How will a Detox Diet affect my Eating Habits?

Different Detox diets will have different requirements, depending on what that diet is promising, and what diet-craze is popular at the moment. Some diets involve giving up solid foods altogether and just drinking liquids. Others will allow only low-calorie foods such as vegetables in limited quantities. Regardless of what exact food-intake adjustments a given Detox diet entails, a responsibly administered Detox diet should only be planned and followed for a specific and limited time period. Unlike more generalized diets, which tend to be followed until one reaches a target weight (or even indefinitely), a detox diet usually claims that it will cleanse one’s body of unhealthy substances, then end, so that the Diet-follower can be in a better position to reap the benefits of adopting a more sustainable long-term diet and exercise regimen.

Can I Detox? Should I Detox?

Most Detox diets are strict enough that you’ll often feel tired and hungry as a result of following them. and maintaining a healthy exercise regimen while on this type of diet is very difficult due to the low energy levels you’ll experience. Since regular exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle in the long term, undergoing intense Detox diets too often and for too long can do more harm than good under certain circumstances.

Low-calorie and nutrient-poor diets may be effective for losing stored fat in the short term, but they also may trigger the body to slow its metabolism as a countermeasure to  conserve energy. As a result, people often have a tough time keeping off weight lost during an overly intense crash diet, as their bodies are temporarily slower to metabolize food, and they gain the weight back anyway.

Having read this far, you may have already decided that a Detox-focused crash diet is more trouble than it’s worth. While losing a significant amount of weight quickly (if not keeping it off) is certainly possible with an extreme crash diet, the minor short term weight loss is hard to justify in the face of a slowed metabolism, lowered energy levels that interfere with your work and exercise schedule, and a generally uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for the person involved. Since your ultimate goal in living a more healthy lifestyle should be your personal comfort, health and happiness within your own body, voluntarily torturing yourself for the fleeting accomplishment of being able to tighten your belt an extra notch or two will undoubtedly feel hollow when one considers the sacrifice in one’s quality of life that this avenue of weight-loss required of you.

Even the Detoxifying promises of most Fad Diets don’t hold much weight. While the idea of ridding ourselves of the toxic elements of modern processed food products is certainly appealing, and the act of abstaining from eating anything we don’t perceive as ‘pure’ seems like a logical way to do so, the reality is that our bodies (specifically, our livers and kidneys) have their own systems of filtering out toxins , and weakening the body’s natural defense against these toxins with unpleasantly extreme diets is simply counterproductive. While doing one’s best to avoid heavily processed food and involving more high-energy and low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables into one’s diet is generally a good idea, altering your diet to the point of it being unbalanced and unhealthy, even for a little while, generally isn’t. Remember that your body wants you to be healthy, and at your optimal weight, as much as you do, and rather than drag your body through an unhealthy gauntlet of weight-loss crazes, it’s far better to focus on improving your general health and letting your body take you where you need to be. Love your body, support it, and trust the feelings it creates to guide you, and you are sure to reach your final destination of personal health and happiness much sooner than the people trying to sell you Fad Diets would like you to believe.

So what are my options?

So now that you know that it’s generally not a good idea to take on extreme Detox diets to lose weight and cleanse toxins, and that improving one’s general quality of life is a far more rewarding and effective path to healthy, long-term weight loss, the question remains: What is the best way to start improving your quality of life right now?

The first two answers are probably familiar, but the third may astound you:

First: Diet!

Get informed about the contents of the food you’re eating, to ensure you’re getting the recommended daily amount of all the essential nutrients, and that your current diet isn’t too rich in unnecessary sugars, carbohydrates and saturated fats. This task may initially seem daunting, but you don’t need to be an expert nutritionist or study every label in your grocery bag to adjust you diet for you and your family’s optimal health. Simply check that you (or someone you are assisting in their diet), is eating a reasonable variety of foods every day. It is particularly important that one eats foods known to contain decent quantities of protein, fibre and vitamin C every day. To that end, if one’s daily diet includes a variety of different fruits and vegetables (apples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, and green leaf-vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage or spinach are all great choices), a modest serving of bread and/or cereal products (unless one has a gluten or wheat allergy), and a serving of white meat or Soya for protein, you’ll almost certainly be just fine. Simply ensure you aren’t having foods rich in sugar and saturated-fat (such as soft drinks and cake-like baked goods) more than a couple of times a week, and that you try to restrict consuming these treats to periods immediately preceding or following focused exercise, so that your body can actually put those extra calories to good use in maintaining energy levels and building muscle.

Second: Exercise!

Regardless of one’s weight-loss needs, forming and maintaining an effective exercise routine within one’s likely busy schedule can be a sticking point for many, although it needn’t be. You may have heard that the average person needs at least two to three hours of reasonably strenuous exercise per week. Looking at that that two to three hours as a single giant chunk of time is no doubt daunting, especially for working and single parents. However you’d be surprised how quickly you can meet and even exceed that quota if you simply seize every opportunity to get your blood pumping that you can.

  • Need to do a quick errand at a place nearby?
  • Why not try walking or cycling?
  • Have an exercise bike and a little ‘you-time’ to spare?
  • Why not set the peddling resistance on your bike to easy and enjoy a relaxing cycle while watching your favorite show?
  • Doing some vacuuming or another chore around the house where you have a hand free?
  • Why not use the other hand to do some light weight training? You can swap arms at fixed intervals and tone your muscles into a strong and supple state without spending any extra time to do so.

As the natural recovery systems in your body gain strength and capability every chance at exercise you seize, you’ll gradually come to the realization that every challenge life throws at you gets a little easier, and every challenge you face becomes a little more fulfilling to overcome. By training your body to associate the effort of exercise with the refreshing pleasure of the dopamine (the happy hormone) that your brain releases to reward you, you’ll not only find that sticking to an exercise regime is easier, you’ll also be training your subconscious to better handle all of life’s challenges, to reap greater satisfaction from your success, and to seek ever greater opportunities to accomplish something new.

Third: Reach your new, healthier lifestyle with Super Oxygen and Carbo-Ban!

Now that you have a better idea of the Path to greater well-being and control over your weight, it’s understandable that you’ll want to get on that Path as soon as possible, and you’ll likely want the best head-start available to you. Luckily you need look no further for the Rocket-Boost into a happier, healthier you, as the Health-invigorating magic of Super Oxygen and the Effortless dieting power you can achieve with Carbo-Ban will give you every advantage you need!

Detox with Super Oxygen!

The Oxygen -infusing might of Super Oxygen is guaranteed to give your Health and Well-being the natural boost it needs for you to carry it the rest of the way to personal greatness. Super Oxygen capsules will strengthen every cell in your body, empowering your immune system and strengthening the natural toxin-flushing abilities of your liver and kidneys with the vital rejuvenating properties of Oxygen. Forget the pointless discomfort of an extreme Detox-Diet, and flush your system into a state of renewed vigor by supercharging the natural cleansing functions you were born with!

If you were to compare your body to a car-engine in need of servicing: Would you rather starve it into inactivity and hope all its accumulated gunk finds its way out on its own? Or would you rather supercharge that engine into a state of maximum output, automatically blasting out all impurities while doing all you could ever ask of it and more. The first option is equivalent to subjecting your body to a Detox Diet and the second option mirrors the natural cleansing power of Super Oxygen; and I certainly know which option I’d pick.

Take control of your weight with Carbo-Ban!

Carbo-ban works in a few ways: It helps to stop complex carbohydrates from being broken down in your system, letting them pass through you without them being stored as fat.

A healthy diet and exercise is still a great idea when taking Carbo-ban, but adjusting to them is made easier than ever by Carbo-Ban’s ability to reduce sugar cravings and improve your digestion and metabolism.

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Emphysema Symptoms and how to Treat Them.

What is Emphysema?

Emphysema is an increasingly prevalent disease, most commonly associated with smoking, that can seriously endanger the health and well-being of anyone suffering from it. Emphysema symptoms can linger and gradually worsen for years if left untreated, and when exposed to pollution or cigarette smoke (which are both very difficult to avoid when travelling or living in a place with lots of traffic),  the disease damages and blocks the small airways in the lungs, hindering their ability to carry the air you breathe and absorb the Oxygen your body needs. Emphysema also gradually destroys  the linings between air sacs in the lungs, creating abnormally large air pockets, which trap air in the lungs, enlarging them and making it difficult to breathe. Some of the most familiar symptoms that sufferers of emphysema will recognize is shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. In most people, symptoms of emphysema are progressive, meaning they tend to slowly get worse over time if not properly treated.

Here is a quick rundown of Emphysema Symptoms; if you or someone you know experiences any of these symptoms for more than a couple of days, be sure to see a doctor or medical specialist as soon as you’re able.


 As previously mentioned, feeling breathless over long periods of time is the most prominent symptom of Emphysema. Naturally, feeling breathless for a while after exerting yourself with exercise or physical labor is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. However, if you constantly find yourself feeling out of breath just from getting out of bed and/or walking around your home, and have trouble with breathing out in particular, it would be wise to check in with a medical expert to assess if emphysema or some other Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease may be the cause.

Coughing, Wheezing and other Chest Problems

Wheezing: Also a common symptom of asthma, wheezing occurs when your breathing is labored and accompanied by the unusual sounds of air being obstructed as you breathe. Wheezing is a very common symptom of many respiratory illnesses, including the mild bronchitis that often follows follows colds and flu, and can be relieved with bronchial-dilators such as those prescribed for Asthma sufferers. Check with your doctor to see if they feel your wheezing is indicative of a more serious disease.


Frequent and painful Coughing is another common respiratory symptom that Emphysema sufferers know all too well, especially if are/were frequently exposed to cigarette smoke, which is the most common cause of emphysema. Quitting smoking as soon as possible severely lowers your chances of getting Emphysema in the first place, and greatly slow down the rate that emphysema damages your lungs.

Chest tightness or pain:

The unnatural enlargement of one or both lungs in Emphysema sufferers will usually result in one’s chest feeling tight and painful. While these symptoms are a common feature of emphysema, they can also be indicative of a coexisting heart disease. If your chest feels particularly tight or sore for an extended period of time, the possibility of heart disease is yet another important reason to get a professional diagnosis.

People with emphysema, particularly in its advanced stages, may also face some of the following symptoms. However, since these symptoms can have a wide variety of other causes and co-morbid diseases, if you’re experiencing one or more of the following, but not the breathlessness and other breathing-related difficulties mentioned above, its very likely you don’t have emphysema, but that’s no reason not to ask help from a medical professional .

  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Depression
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Decreased sexual function

What can we do about emphysema symptoms? Is there anything we can do to treat them?

For those of you reading eagerly for an answer for how to cure emphysema completely, we have some bad news and some really good news.

Like other Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, there is currently no known cure for the underlying disease of Emphysema. Whether one has never smoked or has smoked their whole life before becoming concerned about the dangers of emphysema, abstaining from smoking altogether from this point onward is the absolute best thing one can do to prevent Emphysema from forming or worsening in your lungs. Since most types of aerial pollution (from cars, factories and other gas-emitting machinery) can also damage your lungs and cause various respiratory diseases like emphysema, doing everything you can to limit your exposure to this pollution is very important for your health. In certain serious cases, lung-reduction surgery can be performed to cut out diseased parts of one or both lungs to possibly help lessen breathlessness, but with some reports saying that nearly twenty percent of patients die within six months of this surgery, many would rather not take the risk. Preventing one’s condition from worsening to the point where surgery is on the table is a far better solution.

While prevention is always the best cure for any ailment, and emphysema is no exception, a few treatment options that relieve the symptoms of Emphysema are available.

Aside from receiving common annual vaccinations, such as those preventing influenza and pneumonia (which everyone should do their best to get, Emphysema or not) the best way to counteract the negative symptoms of Emphysema, and most other respiratory problems for that matter, is oxygen therapy.

Treat emphysema Symptoms with Oxygen therapy 

Traditionally modern medicine treats Emphysema symptoms with non-invasive ventilation. This usually involves a sufferer inhaling air with a high oxygen-content through a ventilator stuck up their nose. Needless to say, having to breathe through a metal device affixed to your face and carrying an oxygen supply around  everywhere is not anyone’s idea of a good time, but when one needs to get the life-giving oxygen your body needs and Emphysema is preventing your lungs from getting the job done without help, what choice do we have?

Here’s that Good News we mentioned earlier:

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After just a short time using Super Oxygen, many of our clients have reported that they no longer needed their ventilators. If you’re on a ventilator and you’re feeling the rejuvenating effects of Super Oxygen, consult with your doctor and you may be able to wean yourself off of the once-necessary inconvenience of a ventilator once and for all.

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Emphysema is no joke, but with super Oxygen, there’s no reason you can’t come off laughing.