Venetia’s awareness of natural healing began during her early childhood years, strolling endlessly in the fields with her father who often spoke with boundless enthusiasm about the health benefits of various plants and herbs. Besides excelling academically throughout her school years, Venetia’s insatiable curiosity and hunger for learning has continued unabated to this day, particularly in the various disciplines of natural medicine.

Venetia’s entrepreneurial flair and business acumen rose to the surface while she was working as an Administrator and Operations Manager in her father’s company, Vaal Market Agency. The business successfully marketed and distributed foods on behalf of farmers throughout South Africa during her tenure.

She later joined the financial department of Iscor in Vanderbijlpark, and was quickly promoted to manage the raw materials section of the company. The business reaped the benefits of Venetia’s natural aptitude for analytical thinking, problem solving and innovation, with her ability to administer large scale budgets and resolve the often thorny and complex issues pertaining to raw material processing.

Venetia’s driving passion in the study of healing through natural health medicines, absorbed huge volumes of her time after-hours. She finally reached a defining moment in her life, during the late seventies, when she made the bold life-changing decision to work within the natural health industry full-time. This also provided her with the opportunity to dedicate much needed time and space for research and development.

The next big step involved Venetia forming a business partnership with her then husband, which spanned 15 years. They specialized in ISO Kinetics and a range of natural slimming products and Venetia relentlessly continued to increase her knowledge, understanding and application of natural health medicines. This gave rise to several exciting breakthroughs in the development of Oxygen Therapy™ and a unique range of associated products; identified as a vital component in combating a number of the critical diseases plaguing humanity today, including HIV, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart dysfunctionality and so on.

Venetia then introduced Oxygen Therapy™ and associated products as the flagship product offering of Superhealth, a company she established in 2001 with the business achieving a remarkable turnover in excess of R5 million in the first year. Excellent outcomes from a growing number of patients benefiting from treatment as well as clinical trials has attracted widespread interest among doctors, health practitioners, various institutions, public sector organisations and the public at large. Venetia restructured her business in 2011 resulting in the formation of Oxygen Products (PTY) LTD.

The company is gaining momentum at an accelerated pace and is currently strategically poised for exponential growth. Besides her achievements in the development of natural health products, Venetia’s enabling leadership style through positive engagement and collaboration across all spectrums of the health industry, and the community at large, sits at the heart of her remarkable success story.

Integrity, commitment and perseverance are core values Venetia cherishes. Within her persona lies a deep compassion for the multitudes of people suffering from dreaded diseases around the globe, who are in desperate need of affordable and appropriate health care. Venetia is a goal oriented person, highly focused and determined to ensure Oxygen Therapy™ matures to its full potential.


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