The 8th Element (Pty) Ltd was formed for the purpose of becoming influential leaders in the research and development of innovative oxygen therapy and associated health products. The company is dedicated to providing support and healing for severe health conditions, including the debilitating chronic nature of major dreaded diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart dysfunction, Ebola and others.

Founding Director and CEO

Venetia Kruger

As founder and CEO, Venetia guides the company in its ideals of promoting better health and living among all of South Africa and the World beyond.

Venetia’s public speaking, charity work and responsible research gathering keeps the company on firm moral ground as we discover and distribute natural remedies, both all-new and forgotten, to anyone in need of them.

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Medical Practitioner, R&D

Dr. Thozamile Qubuda

Thozamile also has a doctors degree in Unani-Tibb medicine and a post graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS. After a distinguished academic career in which he lectured for 7 years at the University of Stellenbosch.

Thozamile set out to practice natural health medicine. This he has been doing since 2011. Thozamile’s main focus is on the treatment of HIV/AIDS and brings a wealth of valuable knowledge.

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Robert Klynsmith

Robert’s primary experience lies in business strategy, management leadership, brand/marketing strategy, human resource management and general management as well as organisational development, change management, business coaching and training.

He brings a wealth of expertise and experience geared towards shaping organisations and business enterprises for growth.

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The founder and CEO of The 8th Element (Pty) Ltd, Venetia Kruger, has devoted the lion’s share of her life to the study of healing through natural health medicines.  This has culminated in ground-breaking developments pertaining to the healing qualities of oxygen therapy, incorporating a range of uniquely formulated fit-for-purpose oxygen products. Outstanding results benefiting patients across the spectrum of most health problems, including the foremost diseases plaguing humanity today has attracted widespread interest among doctors, health practitioners, various institutions, public sector organisations and the public at large.

The knowledge and expertise of Venetia’s key partners, Dr Julian Holmes, internationally renowned for his competent research in ozone-related technologies and products, and Dr Thozamile Qubuda of Africeutical Health Sciences, specialising in chronic disease management, recognised for his exceptional work in HIV/AIDS, is bringing exciting new dimensions to the ongoing advancements and healings qualities of oxygen therapy.


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Integrity, commitment and perseverance are core values cherished by the Oxygen family. Compassion for the multitudes of people suffering from dreaded diseases around the globe in desperate need of affordable and appropriate health care, lies deep within the persona of the company.

Demand for the oxygen product range is increasing steadily with over 200 pharmacies and several health shops in South Africa stocking a regular supply.  The Oxygen leadership team is goal oriented, highly focused and determined to ensure Oxygen Therapy matures to its full potential.  The company is moving swiftly towards expanding its horizons into the international arena.


“A leading pioneer in the research and development of a unique range of natural medicines, dedicated to bringing life-changing hope and joy to people suffering from diseases and illnesses around the globe, through oxygen therapy and related health products.”


  1. Ensure sustainability through effective management leadership and relevant business systems.
  2. Continuously pioneer the creation and manufacture of innovative high-quality health products.
  3. Forge collaborative working relationships/partnerships with professional health practitioners.
  4. Extraordinary personal service – walking the extra mile – being constantly available and accessible.
  5. Proactive fundraising – research initiatives, clinical trials, health clinics within communities etc.
  6. Develop a dynamic training/education environment for internal and external health practitioners.
  7. Create an enabling environment for oxygen personnel to achieve their goals and aspirations.
  8. Establishment of natural health clinics, a national wellness centre and hospital.


  • Creating a caring, empathetic and supportive environment for the Oxygen family.
  • Ensuring continuous momentum towards becoming a progressive humanitarian movement, sharing health awareness and knowledge worldwide.
  • Achieving authenticity through responsible research and development.
  • Tenaciously committed to successfully overcoming every challenge that crosses our path.
  • Bold, courageous and creative thinking.