Protocol for Using Mega Oxygen

Number of capsules to be taken:

  • Maintenance Level – use 1 Capsule 3x daily.
  • Chronic diseases – 2 Capsules 3x daily (Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis etc. )
  • Acute and serious conditions – 3 Capsuless 3 x daily (wounds, Hiv/Aids, Cancer, etc.)
  • Very Important – Drink a minimum of 250ml – 500ml water when taking the capsules. The water and the capsules have a chemical reaction in the stomach to release oxygen. Only use this product on an empty stomach OR one hour before meals OR three hours after meals to have maximum results.


Some people may have to start on a dosage of 1 cap 3 x daily and then need to add only one capsule a day to the dosage until the required dosage is reached. Remain on this dosage till the problem has been resolved and reduce to maintenance level once again.

For those on the go, that forgets to take their capsules during the day, use all three in the morning with us much water as possible. The spaced out dosages will have better results though.

For more ways to apply dosages please refer to our article “Oxygen Therapy is the Way to Good Health” found here.

Should a person feel feverish or experience headaches, increase the water intake to flush out the toxins and continue to use Mega Oxygen ™ to get maximum effects.

This product is not recommended for people that had any organ transplants (heart, intestine, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas and thymus).

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