The Asante Oxygen Foundation, established in 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, as well as Asante Philani are the Research and Development arms of Oxygen Products (Pty) Ltd, formed for the purpose of becoming dynamic and influential leaders in the research and development of innovative oxygen therapy and associated products.

The Foundation has therefore embarked on bold fund-raising initiatives in order to deepen and widen the scope of clinical trials; to focus on chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases including the debilitating chronic nature of major dreaded diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart dysfunction, Ebola and others.  Their core objective is to intensify ongoing research projects towards the further advancement of oxygen therapy treatment, together with the formulation of new products lines.

In addition, the need to build community based natural health clinics is of critical importance.  Asante’s aspirations, together with Oxygen Products (Pty) Ltd, is to forge collaborative working relationships/partnerships with professional health practitioners and institutions, and in so doing expand its horizons, enabling the provision of crucial health services around the globe.  Asante’s medium-term vision is to establish a natural health and healing retreat followed by a natural health hospital over the long term.

Your support and involvement in making a difference towards alleviating suffering and disease in any one of Asante’s fundraising project below would be appreciated…

Clinical trials:  Research and development of patients suffering from critical debilitating diseases.

Sponsorship funding:  Providing treatment to poverty stricken communities.

Establishing natural health clinics in community:  Bringing clinics closer to the people.

Marketing and Education:  Sharing information about oxygen, healthful living and healing.

National Health Centre:  Providing support and treatment for longer term patients.

Donation Information

Please visit the Asante Foundation website to learn more about our cause and on how to donate.

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