Protocol for Using HeartHealth


Use 2 capsules on an empty stomach with clean filtered water before going to sleep. It is essential to follow up with multi minerals as this product will chelate all of the heavy metals in the body.

Warning – It is important to use Heart Health on an empty stomach. Drink at least 350ml of water when taking the capsules. This treatment must be followed up with a multi mineral.


Supports the following conditions:

Eliminates heavy metals toxicity, Lowers high blood pressure, Reduces blood cholesterol, Dissolves intra-arterial blood clots cardiac arrhythmias, Improves vision and cataracts, Arthritis, Lowers diabetics’ insulin needs and gangrene, Reduces Alzheimer-like symptoms, Autism and senility, Improves memory, Edema , Varicose veins, Detoxifies snake and spider venoms, Removes calcium from atherosclerotic plaques, blood thinning.

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