COPD Treatment needs Mega Oxygen ™

COPD Treatment needs Mega Oxygen ™

COPD Treatment and oxygen therapy tends to go hand in hand. The most significant treatment for this disease is smoking cessation.  A lung transplant is another alternative in COPD treatment for those with severe lung disease. The lungs are, essentially, chronically obstructed always, making oxygen therapy a necessity for functioning on even the most basic levels. Now, there is also Mega Oxygen ™. Having oxygen therapy for COPD will allow the sufferer a much greater quality of life. The ability to increase day to day activities will occur – once more oxygen is regulated. The anxiety that comes from not being able to take a proper breath will disappear. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygenation is essential for all normal physiological functions.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the umbrella term for lung diseases that obstruct airflow to the lungs. COPD stages generally refers to emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Tobacco smoking or environmental pollution usually causes COPD. Chronic bronchitis is characterized by excessive mucous production and chronic inflammation of the breathing passages. Symptoms are cough with mucous production and difficulty breathing.  The presence of chronic productive cough for at least 3 consecutive months in 2 consecutive years is necessary for the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis – as the disease progresses the cough mechanism weakens and mucous cannot be coughed out as well. Mucous pooling is a breeding ground for bacteria. COPD diagnosis has been identified as one of the top ten most common chronic health care conditions and ranked as the 5th leading cause of death and disability.  A history of asthma as a child, frequent pneumonia and frequent sinus infection are common in those with COPD.

There exist two main methods to determine the oxygen volume within someone’s blood. These are the Oximeter test and the ABG test. An Oxi meter apparatus is a non-invasive, small system which perfectly fits unto an individual’s finger. This apparatus blinks a light on the fingertip. It measures the light quantity absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood. Oxygenated blood will have a bright red colour. The exact absorbed light quantity will show the health care provider the corresponding amount of absorbed oxygen in the body.

ABG (Arterial Blood Gas is affecting as many as 24 million people according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). COPD causes long-term disability.

Bronchodilators are critical to symptom management.  Inhaled bronchodilators, medicines that open the airways, are usually the first medicines used in the treatment of COPD.  Investigators have made no significant medical breakthroughs in the treatment of this disorder, which, unfortunately, is becoming epidemic worldwide. If the lungs aren’t functioning properly our blood oxygen levels can become low causing hypoxemia (cells dying from too little oxygen). COPD diagnosis is treated at least two times a year with antibiotics and steroids. Prescriptions of corticosteroids and/or antibiotics are used and in the treatment of COPD stages. One steroid known as Prednisone is used to keep inflammation down in COPD, and the drug is prescribed on a semi long term basis to help prevent flare-ups that occur in those with COPD, and they also lead to the general worsening of the disease. Experts are finding out that taking high doses of prednisone and other corticosteroids, even for short periods of time, increase the risk of diabetes. Stunning new research shows that men and women who take commonly prescribed COPD treatment run nearly a one-third increased risk of suffering a serious cardiac event.

COPD Treatment goals are to maintain open airways, decrease airway constriction, decrease signs and symptoms, prevent disease progression, prevent flare ups, improve overall health, decrease mortality, preserve function and prevent hospitalizations.

I understand that it is the obstructive flow of oxygen that becomes chronic and is also linked with infections… such as bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. I have seen many patients with these conditions using Mega Oxygen and then not experiencing any breathing problems or chronic infections. My mother was using a nebulizer daily until she started using Mega Oxygen ™. She has packed the equipment away since then, can walk longer distances and do not experience any infections (emphysema).

Mega Oxygen ™ will boost the immune system, so that the chronic infections will be under control. When taken regularly with as much water as possible, more oxygen will enter the blood plasma that will flood this extra oxygen to every cell in the body and give the COPD patient the much-needed relief. I have seen patients feeling more comfortable with this added energy and more oxygen to the body, to enjoy the outside life for extended hours once again – whilst not needing to carry all the equipment with them that is so much part of their daily lives.

Mega Oxygen ™ will also cleanse the colon which is the breeding area for about 80% of all bacteria and with all this out of the way – more oxygen can flood into the body. This systemic blood oxygenator is a must for those that want to experience a better quality of life!

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