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Prepare for Winter Now with Our Immune Booster Products

Winter is only a few months away which, for many people, inevitably means catching a cold or the flu. If you are looking to improve your immunity this year, then starting early with strategies to better your health and well-being is wise. While nothing can replace a healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep, there are supplements that one can take to give one’s body some help too. Our immune booster products are geared towards assisting in recovery from, and prevention of, disease, as well as fighting off infections. If you would like to get a head start on feeling your best, then our range is certainly for you.

Why Colds and Flu Viruses Spread Easily in Winter

Old wives’ tales and misinformation are the sources of the idea that getting cold makes one sick. Doting mothers often ensure their little ones never leave home without a jacket, just in case they get chilly and catch a cold. The notion that colder temperatures are what makes one sick is a myth, however. The reason why colds and flu are more prominent in winter is that the viruses that cause these illnesses have an easier time infecting people. In winter months, people generally spend more time indoors with closed windows and prolonged face-to-face contact – and viruses spread quickly in this way. Another reason is that airborne viruses spread more efficiently in low-humidity environments (often the case in winter). Unfortunately, most people only start taking measures to improve their immune system and enhance their health once they are already ill, but improving immunity takes time. Starting with healthy habits and superb immune booster supplements early in the year are a good way to prepare for the winter.

Our Range of Phenomenal Immune Booster Products

Your immune system is your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your body against disease. Taking the right steps to assist your immunity in keeping you healthy will promote better health outcomes. After years of extensive research and a passion for human health, our company has carefully developed a unique range of immune booster supplements that harness the power of oxygen. We currently offer several options in our range, three of which are superb products for improving immunity and feeling great. These products include:

  • Mega Oxygen™: As our flagship product, this range is a natural blood oxygenator that makes use of ingredients such as Hypoxis Rooperi and Sutherlandia, which are known to combat disease and improve immunity. This supplement works by releasing oxygen into the bloodstream at a controlled rate.
  • Super Oxygen™ – Active Edition: For those who wish to get the most out of their day, our Active Edition is ideal. This is a formulation created to provide optimum nutrition that fuels an active lifestyle, contributing to long-term health.
  • Super Vitamins™ +Oxygen: It can be difficult to consume the right number of vitamins each day, even with a balanced diet. Our Super Vitamins™ formulation is one of our products that acts as an immune booster by providing exceptional nutritional support.

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