Natural Immune Booster

Natural Immune Booster

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Natural Immune Boosters for Adults

Our natural immune boosters for adults, when taken the right way, contribute to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Using the power of oxygen therapy and other natural, key ingredients, our line of booster supplements will assist with a range of issues, from poor blood circulation to stronger immunity against disease. We often receive questions about our uniquely formulated, fit-for-purpose oxygen products, and we aim to answer some of those common queries below.

Which Products Would Work Best for Me?

Our line of carefully developed supplements has an option for anyone. Our flagship product, Mega Oxygen™, was created as a proven natural immune booster for all adults, no matter their health status. It is a systemic blood oxygenator with an African herbal blend that assists the body in fighting off disease and healing itself. It also supports proper blood circulation and aids in the treatment of various other ailments. Other boosters for adults in our range include:

  • Super Oxygen™ – Active Edition: Created specifically for individuals who must meet the demands of active lifestyles, this formulation offers optimum nutrition. Boosting performance, energy, and endurance, it is a superb natural immune booster for busy adults who want the most out of their day.
  • Super Vitamins™ +Oxygen: A robust multivitamin that contributes to a balanced diet and fills in the gaps where you may not be getting enough nutrients. With Vitamins A to E, as well as essential minerals and more, this formulation is one of the best immune boosters in our range.
  • HeartHealth™: There are few natural heart health boosters on the market that are as affordable and safe as ours. Our essential HeartHealth™ formulation supports one’s heart, arteries, and circulatory system while helping to prevent clots and cleansing the system of heavy metal toxicity.
  • WaterLife™: This product is an electrolyte concentrate that contains 84 essential minerals that contribute to optimal health. It is both hydrating and excellent at reducing acidity in your drinking water. 100ml of WaterLife™ makes one hundred litres of mineral water.

Can I Take a Natural Immune Booster if I Have a Chronic Illness?

Each immune booster in our range is formulated according to specific lifestyle needs. Adults living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, gout, and even cancer have all enjoyed the immense supportive benefits of our oxygen therapy supplements. Our boosters, such as Mega Oxygen™, contain natural, herbal ingredients that are safe to take for people living with most conditions.

Can I Order My Supplements Online?

Shopping with us online is ultra-quick and easy. All you need to do is create an account, add your desired items to your cart or wishlist, and then pay. We deliver all over South Africa and in no time – you can expect your natural immune booster supplements to arrive at your door. Our products are also found in pharmacies across South Africa and at several health shops.

As a pioneering company when it comes to research and ground-breaking natural medicines, we invite you to invest in your health by choosing Oxygen Products. With a friendly and professional team, as well as a commitment to your enhanced wellness, you can trust us to provide you with world-class services and formulations.

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