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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Range of Oxygen Products

All cells in the body require oxygen because this is where their energy comes from. Poor blood oxygenation levels, even for a short period, can lead to cell death. On a larger scale, this can cause severe damage to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs. For this reason, our fantastic range of formulations assists the blood in delivering oxygen to every cell in the body, while offering marvellous benefits such as increased energy, better circulation, and a boosted immune system. If you would like to know more about our exciting range of products, keep reading as we answer some frequently asked questions below.


Why was the Company Started?

Our brand was founded to pave the way in terms of accessible, easy-to-use supplements and associated health products. We are frontrunners when it comes to the research and development of superior formulations created to promote overall health and well-being. We understand its healing powers and why proper oxygenation of every cell in the body is essential, and our products harness this power in the form of supplements that are easily incorporated into any lifestyle.


Is the Range Natural?

Oxygen therapy is in, and of itself, a natural therapy, but our products also include other natural ingredients known for their phenomenal health benefits. Our Mega Oxygen™ formulation contains ingredients such as magnesium peroxide, vitamin C, Hypoxis Rooperi, Sutherlandia, and selenium. This natural, African herbal blend not only promotes better blood oxygenation but offers all the benefits of these key ingredients too.


Which Products in the Range are Best?

We currently have five products within our range, and each one offers a different set of benefits. The product you select will be based on your specific lifestyle and health needs. Those looking to boost their daily vitamin and mineral intake, for example, can try our Super Vitamins™+Oxygen formulation. Our Super Oxygen™ – Active Edition supplement is ideal for athletes and those on the go who want to get more out of their day.


What are the Benefits of Mega Oxygen™?

As our flagship formulation, Mega Oxygen™ is a superb immune booster that helps the body to heal itself. It supports every function in the body through blood oxygenation but also helps to improve blood circulation, headaches and migraines, allergies, and healing from infections. Other successful noted outcomes are included in the treatment of conditions such as asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and even diabetes.


Where Can I Purchase My Selection of Products?

We make buying our line of O² therapy supplements a breeze with an online store that is easy to navigate. Simply add the formulations you want to your cart, pay, and await your delivery. This means that at-home shopping from the comfort of your couch is possible, and there is no need to visit any physical stores to get your monthly supplements. With the increase in demand for our range, however, we are expanding, and consumers can now purchase our products at over 200 pharmacies and several health shops countrywide.

To enjoy the benefits of our formulations and invest in your health today, be sure to get in touch or start shopping online here.

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