Oxygen Therapy

How Our Oxygen Therapy is a Safe Way to Improve Your Health

Does your workday consist of passively sitting behind a desk for hours at a time? Do you come home exhausted, ready to hit the hay? If you live a modern, busy lifestyle, you may find that you just can’t make enough time for regular exercise anymore and that eating the right foods is not as effortless as cheap fast food. Lack of energy, poor circulation, and inflammation in the body are all too common these days, and the solution often seems too difficult to attain. If you are struggling to improve your well-being and health, and want to prioritise feeling your best again, then our oxygen therapy supplements may be for you.


Putting the Focus on Your Wellness

For many of us, work and household demands often take up the lion’s share of our waking time – time that we could otherwise spend on taking care of ourselves. Activities such as exercise, meditation and recreation are important when it comes to reducing the pent-up stress resulting from our lifestyles. They keep us healthy mentally and physically but require the commodity of our time and energy, which, too often, is in short supply. This is where our safe, at-home oxygen therapy may assist you.

Our bodies require fresh airto function, which is received via the lungs and transported through our blood by the heart. Many factors play a part in how efficiently our bodies ultimately absorb and use this O2, and our supplements aid in this process. It has been scientifically proven that an O2 deficiency is linked to disease. Blood that is sufficiently oxygenated creates an environment in the body that makes it difficult for disease to develop and thrive. Our oxygen therapy products have been formulated to help prevent disease by supplementing and enhancing the O2 uptake in the body through the digestive system.


How Does Our Range Work?

Our range works by using magnesium peroxide, which releases oxygenat a controlled rate into the bloodstream when it comes into contact with water. This blend of quality ingredients stimulates the natural healing process of the body through improved blood and tissue oxygenation. Our offering includes all-natural and safe O2 therapy solutions which can be administered at home with no side effects. This is ideal for individuals and families seeking a holistic approach to improving overall health and wellness – all while going about those busy daily schedules.


What Options Are Available?

We provide the following oxygen therapy products via our online store for easy purchase:

  • Mega Oxygen™: Slow-release capsules with an immune-boosting blend of herbal ingredients.
  • Super Oxygen™ – Active Edition: Fast-acting sachets with natural supplements for active, on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Super Vitamins™+Oxygen: Slow-release capsules with a rich multivitamin component to fuel your day.

Additionally, we also supply products for general heart health and hydration:

  • HeartHealth™: Improve heart, artery, and memory health and more.
  • WaterLife™: An electrolyte concentrate containing 84 essential minerals.

Investing in your well-being today ensures a future of vitality and great health. If you would like to give your body the boost it needs to keep you in optimal condition, be sure to get in touch with us today.

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