Oxygenation – The Remedy of the Future

Oxygenation – The Remedy of the Future


The earth is facing an adverse health crisis as you have never observed before. Using current population statistics, it means that within 10 years, 1 billion people may be HIV positive. Not only will there be confusion regarding how this pandemic began, additionally, there is raging debate about its primary cause.

With huge levels of dollars available, pharmaceutical companies are competing to get the best honours with AZT, chemotherapies and other anti- retroviral chemical cocktails. Court cases are rife, as opposition for the ‘drug route’ increases, while people in politics and helpless patients alike, demand their right to those ‘lifesaving’ remedies

Who will be the winner and who will be the loser? The individual who is carrying the disease.

Each day, growing amounts of individuals are increasingly being diagnosed Hiv positive and each day growing amounts of individuals die. Hiv/Aids are a viral condition that weakens the body, leaving it prone to opportunistic infection, which may include bacteria, together with other microscopic microbes.

Following this train of thought, it may look like reasonable to locate treatment for killing herpes, therefore lowering the vulnerability in the individual’s immunity. In 1986, step one was attracted in Hiv/Aids prevention. AZT can be a pill that has prolonged the lives of Hiv/Aids infected patients. 90 % of patients who’ve taken the AZT pill continue being alive after twelve months of using it.  This becomes an increase of 50% without any pill.

You will discover some undesirable results of AZT. Some patients are suffering from the drug after prolonged use. Other medicine has also been tested in the last few years. Medicines to fight Hiv/Aids, need to be made to eliminate the virus, and not cells the virus lives in. Doctors are trying to create medicines and test them out quickly enough, to provide help to Hive/Aids patients with medical researchers, working furiously around the clock, with the main objective to eliminate the virus at whatsoever cost, and at the same time causing minimal injury to cells in the body and to the individuals themselves.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine.

Instead he will interest or teach his patient

in the care of the human frame, diet

and in the cause and prevention of disease.’

Thomas Edison

The word doctor arises from the Latin word for teacher

Your body is electrical.

Everything that happens within your body is electrical. Eyes see with electricity, your brain thinks with electricity, muscles use electricity the pancreas produces insulin with electricity, and so on and so on.

Where does this electricity result from?

Most of us began as a cell. From that certain cell we become 100 trillion cells.

These cells constitute every organ, gland, bone, muscle, tissue and fluid within your body.

If there’s any symbol of discomfort, degeneration, illness or disease inside a part of the body it’s not the part, or system that’s affected – it is the cells inside the part or system that are affected.

It is scientifically understood the vital existence processes that exist in every single cell in the body generate electrical energy.

Meaning every cell is kind of just like a little battery if any part of the body shows signs and symptoms of insufficient energy or degeneration, it means the batteries are going flat!

Turning the body on

Every cell is supplied with a blood stream capillary together with a lymphatic capillary. The blood stream supplies the ‘groceries’ to the cells, delivering the nutrients, while the lymphatic system ‘do the dishes’, eliminating dangerous harmful toxins and cellular build-up. To have the ability to generate an electrical potential, cells need two vital elements – Oxygen and Glucose.

Oxygen is a vital ‘grocery’ our bodies need. Without oxygen, we could die in 3 minutes. Oxygen is needed by every cell to change glucose in to a vital cell fuel or energy, known to as Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP.

ATP looks after a delicate balance of minerals around cells in addition to fuel the vital life processes.

Balance, Balance, Balance…

70% of our body is water.

Cells consist mostly water.

However, they are not little ‘water filled sacs’. In the healthy or Living Condition, cells contain protein, fats, Potassium and water in a very definite structure.

The molecules don’t float freely in water, but form a great jelly- like body

Precisely, how does it really produce electricity?

Initiating the Juice

Every life process begins in water.

You will discover two oceans water within your body, one inside the cells and the other that surrounds cells.

ATP keeps water inside the cells just like a jelly, because the water outdoors cells is maintained largely by salt.

In every life process, water leaves the blood stream to supply vital nutrients for the cells.

This water is full of minerals, which are little charged particles and is acting as electrical driving forces, which then goes into the cells, using the cell membrane

This ‘hydroelectric’ energy is the electrical energy created by the life processes supplying you the energy for every cell within every part of the body to operate perfectly.

As the cells are in a jelly-like Living Condition, water flows through the cell membrane and generate electricity.

Once the cells lose their ATP, or can’t create ATP, the Living Condition is altered and the cells lose their ‘jelliness’.

At these occasions, water leaks within the cell as well as the ‘waterways’ and the cell membrane dry up. Without any ‘waterways’, enzyme activity is reduced and the pumps switch off. Once the jelly-like Living Condition is transformed, cells lose their electrical potential and so lose the ability to generate hydroelectric energy.

The bottom line is, the batteries ‘switch’ off.

To produce ATP, cells must obtain ‘groceries’ and receive optimum levels of oxygen. To have the ability to do this they must be in a specific condition.

Blood Stream Protein

Blood stream protein holds water inside the blood stream therefore blood stream protein that is still inside the spaces across the cells may even hold fluid. This development of fluid will modify the much-needed Dry Condition, creating what is known a ‘Wet State’.

Inside the Wet Condition, the spaces across the cells expand and ‘grocery’ delivery is reduced. Really, the only thing that may modify the Living, Dry Condition is …

Trapped Blood Stream Protein

To ensure perfect health, it is crucial that people understand how the Lymphatic System works. Remember, the Lymphatic System is an element within our Immune systems.

Whether it’s unable to neutralise dangerous harmful toxins, the Immune system will probably be compromised and lastly the body will become prone to infections.

The most frequent signs that lymph is problematic are: sinus congestion, postnasal drip, sore throats, and the common cold and flu and skin eruptions.

No Oxygen

The moment the Dry Condition is altered, our cells become oxygen deprived and without oxygen, the amazing capability to create ATP is reduced.

The best way for cells to produce ATP is to apply oxygen and glucose. To begin with, ATP may be used to initiate this process of glycolysis and then, more glucose is needed to create enough ATP to fuel our vital existence processes and the Living Condition. This creates a build-from lactic acidity.

With oxygen, cells can produce 36 types of ATP from 1 molecule of glucose without oxygen; they could only produce 2 types of ATP. To have the ability to maintain sufficient ATP production, cells requires more glucose!

This frequently leads to a heightened utilization of refined carbohydrates. High blood stream glucose can result in hyperglycaemia, coma and dying. To avert this, the body triggers bloodstream blood insulin release, which rapidly moves the extra glucose into our cells, where it’s transformed into energy. This could trigger bloodstream sugar levels dropping too rapidly, resulting in the adrenal glands to mobilise glycogen stores and stimulate the synthesis of protein into glucose.

Overeating refined carbohydrates overworks both pancreas as well as the adrenal glands.

Excess glucose is transformed into fats, which are either stored inside the cells or fat tissue. Consequently, they are less capable of delivering oxygen to the cells, which increase the seriousness of the oxygen deficiency inside the tissue.

Without oxygen, glucose ferments.

When the Dry Condition is transformed, aging glucose builds up while using trapped blood stream protein, sodium and excess fluid and becomes a mucous, Wet Condition. This provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, infections, fungi and undesirable microorganisms, which thrive inside an atmosphere that’s oxygen depleted and rich in fermenting glucose

Nobel Prize champion, Otto Warburg, discovered an important outcome of oxygen deficiency. Every time he withdrew oxygen from healthy cells, they became cancerous. It is also noted that healthy cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, while cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation.

This immediately provides a bigger picture of cancer. If Bechamp is correct, then by clearing the maturing Wet Condition and repairing the Dry Condition, cancer cells will starve! It’s well recorded that oxygen ‘kills’ cancer cells. Oxygen, however, cannot get through to the cells if they are in the Wet Condition. Once again, it is crucial the Dry Condition is restored, if we are to oxygenate our cells.

The primary condition leading to all symptoms and ultimately dying is oxygen deprivation.

Oxygen and Water – a Vital Sign of Life!

Alongside oxygen, water is vital for your body. It’s literally the life keeping fluid, playing an important role in every single life process. Any loss of water to the bloodstream and circulation systems can result in reduced circulation, poor nourishment and waste develop. This may lead to stagnation. Water is important to supply the ‘groceries’ for the cells and ‘to do the dishes’! The primary reason for dying in the world is heart disease. Cardiac specialists recognise that cardiovascular disease interacts with fluid retention inside the heart tissue. That is frequently precipitated as the ‘silent killer’ … Water is important to the health of our cells, not only for hydration and nutrient delivery, but also to help keep a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

Once the Dry Condition is altered, our cells become oxygen deficient, dehydrated and acidic.

From this level we could predict every disease condition known to man.

To sustain life, as well as the vital Living Condition, within every cell of our bodies, we need Oxygen.

Altering the Dry Condition through poor lymphatic circulation, will cause Oxygen deficiency. Poor breathing habits can cause Oxygen deficiency. Depleting our atmosphere of Oxygen supply, could cause Oxygen deficiency. Oxygen deficiency leads to dehydration. However, poor drinking habits also lead to dehydration, as well as insufficient clean water supplies.

All of Life is based on a cellular level. Cells are the basic metabolic unit of Life… Cells generate energy, cells generate Life. Use Mega Oxygen ™ now to maintain those cells. Flood it with both Oxygen and plenty of Water!

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