Super Gonorrhoea: Symptoms, Identification and Solutions

Super Gonorrhoea: Symptoms, Identification and Solutions

What is Super Gonorrhoea and Should I be Worried?

You may have already heard of the particularly nasty new strain of Gonorrhoea that resists the usual drug treatments available to us. Recent troubling reports of a strain of “Super Gonorrhoea” have spread fast, and many are now wondering if this new strain threatens to turn a once treatable Sexually-Transmitted Infection (STI) from a manageable nuisance to an incurable (and potentially deadly) epidemic fit to unseat Genital Herpes as the bane of private parts the world over.

But what are the real facts about this new “Super Gonorrhoea”? Are all of us in danger? How do we contract it? Is it treatable?

To answer the first (and most pressing) question in short:

No. You are almost certainly as safe as you’ve ever been, but it never hurts to maintain a healthy amount of caution and awareness about the precautions we should take, as the best way to keep an outbreak from becoming an epidemic is to keep it from spreading to ourselves and others.

As of the 18th of September 2015, only 15 cases of this strain of Gonorrhoea have been detected, all of which in the United Kingdom (particularly the Leeds region), since the first recorded patient in March of 2015. This strain of bacterial nuisance hardly widespread, and since awareness around this strain has been so high, it’s unlikely to spread much further, if we all follow the simple preventative steps in this article.

What is Gonorrhoea and its Symptoms?

As you may know, Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that dwells around warm, moist membranes in our bodies, such as in our mouths and noses, but symptoms of Gonorrhoea are particularly common in the urethra and anus of all sexes, and in the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes of the female reproductive system, hence its widespread reputation as a Sexually-Transmitted Infection (STI).

Gonorrhoea can be difficult to identify without professional medical equipment for the first few days after infection, during which, carriers are at risk of transmitting the disease without knowing they are doing so. After about a week though, sufferers of gonorrhoea will soon experience the infection’s signature symptoms: Pain and discomfort during urination, a swelling and/or burning sensation in the affected area, and (in the case of a vaginal infection), an unusual white or yellowish discharge. If you or a recent/potential sexual partner exhibit any of these symptoms or recognise them in any other sexual partners you or they may have, be sure to report to a doctor immediately to receive testing and treatment. As a preventative measure, also be sure to use barriers to direct sexual contact when having sex with new and/or untested sexual partners. Condoms (for penetrative sex) and Dental Dams (For Oral Sex) are tried and true preventative measures against Gonorrhoea and its ilk, but regular STI testing for both you and your partner(s) as a precursor to sexual contact is and has always been the best preventative measure you can take to protect yourself and your partner(s).

While Gonorrhoea is far from a deadly condition to most Adults, it is nevertheless extremely unpleasant to experience. Going to the toilet (in the case of genital infection) and eating (in the case of oral infection) is made a highly uncomfortable and often painful experience by the presence of a gonorrhoea infection. For gonorrhoea sufferers, Sexual physical contact (aside from being dangerously irresponsible, due to the high chance of spreading the infection) is stripped of its pleasure by Gonorrhoea’s many disgusting symptoms. I’ll spare you the intimate details, but suffice to say, nothing kills the mood like painful, enflamed genitals and a yellowish pus-like discharge.

Where Gonorrhoea goes from merely disgusting to genuinely terrifying is in its ability to endanger fertility and the lives of new-born babies. At advanced, untreated stages, Gonorrhoea damages the male and female reproductive systems to an extent that it is both much more difficult to conceive, and more likely to result in deadly complications (such as ectopic pregnancies) when one does. A more common hazard, even among newly infected mothers, is the danger of passing the infection over to the new-born babies when they are delivered. Gonorrhoea is far more likely to be fatal to a new baby than it is to do any serious harm to an adult, and as a result, expectant mothers need to be far more vigilant in testing for and avoiding risks of cases of gonorrhoea than others, lest they put their upcoming child in deadly danger.


Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection, and thus is usually treated and cured with relative ease by antibiotics, specifically Azithromycin. The aforementioned “Super Gonorrhoea” however, is resistant to this antibiotic, and as of this moment no treatment beyond the body’s natural defences against bacteria exist against it, and we currently don’t know how else this strain will evolve.

That may sound scary, but take this moment to remind yourself of just how rare and contained this strain is and will likely stay. In the extremely unlikely (statistically speaking) event that you have the misfortune of either being or engaging in sexual contact with one of the tiny handful of British people who have contracted this strain, or in the far more likely scenario that you have contracted a lesser strain of the infection and are already being treated with antibiotics, there is a way to strengthen your immune system’s natural Gonorrhoea-fighting power, speed up your recovery, and give your general quality of life a major boost. That way is Mega Oxygen Therapy.

Boost your Defence against Gonorrhoea with Mega Oxygen!

Mega Oxygen uses a simple yet powerful capsule to fill your system with life-giving Oxygen, the element that powers every cell in your body, and kicks your immune system into overdrive, stopping infections like Gonorrhoea in their tracks and letting you achieve a level of health and well-being you may never have thought possible. Also, as a preventative measure, Mega Oxygen will boost the immune system to protect you from any infections as viruses and bacteria cannot exist at high oxygen levels.  The healing benefits of Mega Oxygen don’t stop at fighting infections though!

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