The Benefits of Our Exceptional Oxygen Therapy Range

The Benefits of Our Exceptional Oxygen Therapy Range

The Benefits of Our Exceptional Oxygen Therapy Range

The Benefits of Our Exceptional Oxygen Therapy Range

As one of the most essential chemical elements to human life, oxygen is needed for all our biological functions. It is the energy source that fuels every cell in your body, and without it, human beings would not exist. Low enough levels can cause hypoxemia, which can lead to severe complications with the heart and brain, and even become fatal. Deficiency is also linked to various diseases, and this is why supplemental therapy is so useful for busy, modern lifestyles. If you would like to improve your health, then our product range might be just what you need.

Mega Oxygen™

Our Mega Oxygen™ therapy formulation is a blood oxygenator made from all-natural substances. It improves immunity against pathogens and assists the body in healing itself. It also helps with poor blood circulation, migraine headaches, the body’s natural detox processes, wound healing, allergies, and viral infections. It has even been used in the supplementary treatment of more serious conditions, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Super Oxygen™ – Active

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Are there days when you feel you could do with an energy boost to get the most out of your busy schedule? The Super Oxygen™ – Active formulation allows you to do and be more – no matter your lifestyle needs. Whether you are a professional athlete, passionate about fitness, or just enjoy having some pep in your step, this form of oxygen therapy will help you meet those daily demands. No sugar, no calories, and no habit-forming substances – just enhanced performance and durability.

Super Vitamins™ + Oxygen

Vitamin deficiencies can lead to a host of dangerous diseases and are even associated with everything from serious birth defects to miscarriages in pregnant women. Unfortunately, increasingly demanding lifestyles make it difficult to attain all the vitamins and minerals we need. People gravitate towards processed and fast food, and too little of the wholesome nutrients we really require. Our Super Vitamins™ + Oxygen product offers the same oxygen therapy as our other products, with added essentials such as Vitamins A, C, E, calcium, iron, potassium and much more.


Our HeartHealth™ formulation acts as natural support for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. It cleans arteries of heavy metal toxicity and harmful calcium deposits and naturally thins the blood to prevent strokes and heart attacks. It also assists in reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, while preventing the causes of atherosclerosis. It contains calcium EDTA, garlic extract, malic acid, parsley leaf powder, and magnesium stearate – all of which contribute to a better functioning cardiovascular system.


Just as with fresh air, the human body needs water to sustain itself. It is found in all our cells and is needed for daily functioning. Most of our tap water, unfortunately, is acidic and stripped of essential minerals. The Waterlife™ formulation has been created as an electrolyte concentrate with 84 essential minerals. These minerals help to boost overall health and prevent the development of disease.

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